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Why should you choose our grid bumper car rides?

The grid bumper car is powered by the floor,and the electric spark generated by the running of the bumper car is at the bottom of the car body, which can effectively ensure the safety of passengers.Passengers sitting in the car, with a foot switch to control driving and parking, turn the steering wheel to control the direction of driving, because the car side is equipped with buffer (tire), it can be arbitrary collision, and it is one of the young people’s favorite amusement items. We are professional bumper car manufacturer, why should you choose us, there are two reasons as follows.

One-stop service

Except the product quality, service is also an very important element that investor should consider when buying amusement equipment.In the fierce market competition, with the improvement of consumers’ awareness of rights protection and the change of consumption concepts, consumers are no longer only concerned about the product itself, but prefer to choose the company with excellent service when the quality are similar.

In order to better serve customers, we have launched five categories, which include 16 service initiatives,  from profit scheme design, product customization, project operation guidance and after-sales service to help customers to achieve carefree business.

Product quality 

Quality is always the sensitive element in industry competition, every one wants to buy high quality products, especial for amusement equipment. As a investor,high quality is the guarantee,high quality products can save all the trouble in the later operation process, after all, the amusement park belongs to people’s leisure and entertainment places, related to the safety of countless tourists.In the eyes of enterprises, quality is the lifeblood of enterprise development and the core of supporting enterprise profits. Without good quality, enterprises can not develop in the long run.

 Henan DINIS is specialized in designing, production and selling carnival rides and playground equipment. Under the support of a number of excellent R&D personnel and skillful technical workers, products of our company are popular with all customers at home and abroad and enjoy high popularity.we are sure worthy of your trust.



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