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Why is the bumper car business a fast investment recovery project?

The bumper car shell adopts high strength FRP design, good-looking appearance, deeply liked by both kids and adults, the frame adopts national standard steel, to ensure the bumper car bearing quality, collision process will not appear deformation, break and other phenomena.

Batteries bumper car power part uses 12V lead crystal valve control battery, lasting power, can be used for about 8 hours. Motor part adopts imported copper motor, each bumper car is equipped with 2 12V motor, the bumper car is also equipped with intelligent controller, equipped with remote control, can easily achieve management and operation, play time can be set between 1-9 minutes.

High quality MP3 real singing, support SD card and U disk to play songs.The speed of the bumper car can also be adjusted.

The car has a variety of shapes, mirror high-strength FRP shell, bright red, light yellow, orange, light green, blue, rose, dark green and other rich colors, The surface of the car is as smooth as car paint.More than 20 groups of colorful LED lights are distributed around, and the edge is equipped with high-strength rubber anti-collision strips. Flame body stickers and cartoon patterns are more highlights.

In general, if you have 5 bumper cars, and each car receives 30 guests a day, that’s 150 people a day. It can be imagined that the daily income is very optimistic, and you can see the profit back in a few months.That is why the bumper car business is so popular with investors.

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