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Why choose us?

Recently, the amusement industry is very prosperous,when you are planning to open amusement business, it is very important to choose a trustworthy manufacturer,but there are so many manufactures in the industry, why should you choose us Dinis company as your business partner?

1. services

Dinis amusement provide profitable project design,personal product custom,project operator director and excellent after sale services. We will make your amusement park project more reasonable and orderly,finally bring you more profits.

2.research and development

Our DINIS amusement park has a research and development team of 40 people. Every year, we independently develop a number of new products with novel shape, rich play styles and in line with the public’s aesthetic standards, so as to effectively improve the competitiveness of investors’ amusement park!3

3. Material

Good raw materials are the fundamental to ensure the quality of amusement equipment. Only the raw materials themselves are strong and durable enough, and the service life of park equipment produced will be longer.all the material of our products are of high quality and environment friendly,you can make a safe choice.

4. Workmanship

As we all know, amusement equipment is mainly operated outdoors. In hot summer, it is bound to be washed by sun exposure and heavy rain, and it is easy to fade and aging.Therefore, only amusement equipment with exquisite workmanship is worth choosing. The surface of our amusement equipment is in use of film mulching process, this layer of film can be sandwiched mesh PVC cloth and cloth surface spray pattern effectively wrapped, in order to achieve isolation from the outside world.In this way, the corrosive effects of sunlight, water and wind on the equipment are isolated, which can effectively protect the equipment. Therefore, the color of the amusement equipment produced by us is still bright as new after multiple operating seasons.




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