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Why aren’t your indoor playground profitable?

With the development of the amusement industry,there are hundred types of amusement equipment that appeared in the market,you can see many different kinds of amusement rides in the park or scenic spot,and you may find a quiet strange phenomenon, there are lots of customers that keep in line waiting to play around the equipment, whereas, some business of the amusement equipment are very depression. What on earth are the reason? It is just the following points.

  1. geographical location: geographical location determines the population flow and the consume level.
  2. Project plan:whether the playability meet the local needs.
  3. The late operation: whether there is a series of marketing program that can easily attract customers’attention to make them take part in the game on their own initiative.
  4. The hardware. Plenty of equipment with high playability, indoor playground is also call kids castle.It is a new generation of children’s activity center integrating recreation, sports, puzzle, fitness and other functions through scientific three-dimensional combination. It is a new type of comprehensive children’s park, which is specially designed for children’s nature such as feeling, climbing, rolling, drilling, jumping and rocking.For your established site has been planned, we can first improve the richness of the equipment, children like new things, a single naughty fort equipment entertainment cycle is shorter.


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