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Which is favored by investors more, the axle-less ferris wheel or the axle-based ferris wheel?

Ferris wheel is a large wheel-shaped mechanical construction facility, passengers sit on the ferris wheel slowly upward, they can overlook the surrounding scenery from a high point. Compared with other large amusement projects, ferris wheel is a suitable amusement equipment for all ages. In terms of classification, it can be divided into two categories: axle-free ferris wheel and axle-free ferris wheel. Then, what is the difference between these two categories? Which type is preferred by investors? Let DINIS amusement from some aspects for your analysis.

First, structural stability

Because the rigidity of the wheel with shaft is smaller, and the tension of the wheel cable will aggravate the vibration and displacement of the structure, the overall stability of the wheel with shaft is worse than that of the wheel without shaft.

second, Overall weight

The ferris wheel with shaft is smaller in weight and lighter in structure. In order to ensure the stability of the cockpit operation, the greater stiffness of the ferris wheel causes the weight of the structure to rise.

Third, construction methods

The vertical rotating method and the center rotating method can be used for the shaft-type ferris wheel. Generally, the vertical rotating method is often used for the flexible shaft-type ferris wheel structure system, while the central rotating method is often used for the rigid shaft-type ferris wheel structure system. The shaft-less ferris wheel is installed by piecewise assembly method. Due to the large number of structural joints, there are a large number of high-altitude welding operations, which are more difficult and dangerous. However, with the erection of the support frame, the structure is more stable, and later related processing is easier than that of the ferris wheel with shaft.

Fourth, the use of comfort

The stiffness of the axle-free ferris wheel structure is larger, so it is easier to meet the requirements of comfort than the axle-free ferris wheel structure.

From the comparison of the above four aspects, it is not difficult to see that the axle-free ferris wheel is obviously favored by investors, which also needs to be selected according to the customer’s own situation.

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