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What work should be prepared in the early stage of investment in kids amusement rides?

Dinis amusement equipment co., LTD. Is specialized in the research and development and manufacture of children’s amusement equipment.The company can customize the design of children’s amusement park according to the requirements of the customer’s site and market, and provide a complete set of management mode and a series of authorization, our company summarize the investment of children’s amusement equipment need to do for you as follows.

  1. Market research.

Market research needs to know the market saturation, the number of children’s parks in the city, the popularity of children’s parks, the frequency of families with children taking their children to children’s parks, the estimated profit space if children’s amusement equipment is invested in the city, etc.

  1. Investigation and analysis of project site.

The investigation and analysis of the project site can be understood as the refinement of market research.For those considering investing in children’s play equipment, a few points need to be noted when considering the site: how much space there is;Is there a similar children’s park nearby?Is the transportation convenient? The number of kindergartens and primary schools nearby (the more the better);What is the level of local consumption and so on.

  1. Investigation and analysis of manufacturers.

This is also very important.Only to choose a good manufacturer to buy a batch of good equipment, get the best after-sales service.The quality, reputation, service, scale and other aspects of the manufacturer also need to be investigated.

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