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What should you do when the indoor business is not good?

The shopping mall should have some levels and brands, only with enough popularity, can there will be enough people with enough consumption. If the level of the shopping mall is too low, the indoor amusement park will be brought to a low level, and low level indoor playground will not bring booming business. That is to say there will be no way to make money.

  1. the amusement equipment should be novel. When buying indoor playground, we should choose novel and popular styles. Such as inflatable castle, coconut tree themed and sea wave style and so on.
  2. The rent of the shopping mall should be controlled with in 30 percent of the income, such kind of business can be considered. At present, the indoor playground is very promising, especially in the north, the spring, autumn and winter time is very longer, so that children stay indoor for a long time, therefore, many parents will take their children to indoor playground when they can not go out, which will also increase their children’s ability to socialized and climb. As long as you find a good place, the indoor playground business is still promising.


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