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What should be paid attention to when riding amusement equipment

Before playing children’s amusement equipment, it is necessary to check whether the amusement equipment has the “safety inspection pass mark”. Secondly, it is necessary to carefully read the “tourist information” of the amusement facilities to determine whether they are suitable for riding.Children with a height of less than 1.4 meters should not take rides, people who suffering from acrophobia, heart disease, hypertension, anemia, cervical spondylosis and other patients should not take rides, so as to avoid sudden diseases.

Third, you must obey the arrangement of the staff.Tourists must follow the arrangements of the staff, wearing a seat belt and other safety devices, for the movement of turning, violent collision, it also should take off the glasses, keys and other belongings in advance, so as not to damage or hurt the body.

Fourth, during the operation of the equipment, do not remove the protective device without permission. when playing the aquatic amusement facilities like boats, it is strictly prohibited to collide,cross and other unsafe behaviors, so as to avoid accidents.

In case of power failure and other unexpected circumstances, do not panic.Emergency equipment and insurance measures have been designed and built for amusement machines and amusement facilities. Amusement places also have corresponding emergency treatment measures.If the amusement machine breaks down, calmly follow the direction of the staff to ease out of danger.



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