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What safety rules should amusement parks pay attention to?

What safety rules does amusement park equipment manufacturer prompt amusement park to pay attention to?Safety rules for amusement parks:

  1. When your baby is playing on a jungle gym, slide, seesaw, swing and other activities, he should not push others or play rough.

             2, according to the normal operating procedures to activities, such as the slide, don’t climb over the outside railing onto the slide, do not stand on the swing swing.

  1. If your baby jumps off a ride, make sure your baby sees that there are no other babies or objects in the way.When the baby jumps, stand on your feet and bend your knees slightly.
  2. Ask your baby to move the bike, backpack and other items away from the device to avoid tripping over them when your baby is playing.
  3. If playground equipment is wet, tell your baby not to play, because wet surfaces can make the equipment very slippery.
  4. When your baby is playing in the playground, do not wear clothes with strings or belt ties.Strings, backpacks, and necklaces can be accidentally hung from equipment, causing danger.


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