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What preparations must be made before the amusement park opens?

Investing in an indoor playground is not just about buying equipment, it involves a range of other tasks.So, before the amusement equipment enters the installation, what preparation still need to do? 

When talk about the preparation, let us talk about site decoration first. Venue decoration is the most important part in the preparation of the indoor children’s paradise, after all, the decoration of the paradise atmosphere can quickly catch the eye, which can leave a good impression to the children and parents, and only decorate is finished, manufacturers can arrange the installation of amusement equipment.

While the site is being decorated, the operators need to pay attention to these aspects:

the site decoration capital investment needs to fully consider their own budget, avoid putting the cart before the horse, if the decoration cost is too much, so that the fund is not enough, resulting in the later period of operation is hard to continue.So we should fully consider the issue of funding
the decoration style must be consistent with the overall style of amusement equipment.If your rides are candy-themed, your venue should be decorated with candy-themed flavors.
(c) the design of toilet should accord with the use habit of children.



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