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What if the amusement equipment does not work?

Amusement carousel rides are popular with investors because they are eye-catching rides in crowded places such as parks, squares and amusement parks. but what happens if the carousel ride doesn’t work? Here is to tell you – some simple solutions, simple but can solve the problem of carousel horses rides not running.

When there is no problem with the equipment circuit,  that is when you find that the lights are on but do not turn, there are two solutions.One may be caused by insufficient voltage, you can observe the voltmeter when starting the equipment, if the voltage is lower than 180V, the motor can not start normally, then you need to increase the square number of the power line, it is recommended to use four square and more copper wire or six square or more aluminum wire.

If it is not because of the voltage problem, the surface of the carbon brush and the conductive ring may be dusty caused poor contact, then we should clean it immediately, and pay attention to the maintenance  of the equipment in the future, it is necessary to clean up the dust and dirt in time, keep the surface of the carbon brush and conductive ring clean. In addition, we should do a good job of routine maintenance to extend the service life of the equipment, so that it will bring us more income.

If the above two methods can make the carousel work, you can try to push the carousel platform by hands with two people, when you find the resistance is too large, it may be caused by insufficient tire pressure, then you should timely inflate the tire, if it still can’t run, it may be because the bearing around the horse extrusion is too tight, you can be adjusted it with a wrench, keep the tightness moderate, and then the problem can be solved.



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