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What factors should be considered except price and suppliers?

When buying amusement equipment, we will consider many factors, such as price, manufacturers and so on, but we tend to ignore a very important factor, that is the positioning and market of the project. From a professional point of view, this should be the biggest factor, even the decisive factor, but this factor is often overlooked.

The positioning of park projects determines the “status” of the park, whether it is a small local park, a large park for national visitors, or a park for specific groups (such as children aged 3-14) Different positioning decided to choose what kind of amusement equipment to match. The preference of the core target customers and the differentiation of similar projects in the target market are the key factors for the selection of project equipment. Therefore, the choice of amusement equipment is not like buying the common supplies, because this kind of amusement equipment is a very unique “experience tool”, and the real decision can only be the tourists. A successful park project needs to buy equipment that is safe, loved, and even line up to play with it.

Therefore, when choosing to buy amusement park rides, the positioning and market factors of the project should be taken into account.



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