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Two ways to prevent rust on large amusement equipment

Large-scale amusement equipment market prospect is doing very well, especially the risk-taking in the past two years, more and more visitors love the pursuit of stimulation experience, we can see the figure of large-scale amusement equipment among the major scenic spots, parks, However, the problem of rust is unavoidable for large amusement equipment after a long time of outdoor wind and rain, which not only affects the appearance but also has a certain impact on the operation safety of the equipment. DINIS amusement will introduce two ways to prevent rust for you.

First, paint processing

The common way to prevent rust is to paint the parts that are easy to rust. But different manufacturer produce different amusement equipment, the quality of the product is not different. The main reason is the choice of paint and the process of spray painting. This involves a question that some investors often will ask “it is the same device, why the price difference is so big”, professional manufacturers spray paint uniform use of multi-layer coating spray brush process, it looks like the same device is right but is not easy to rust.

Two, material upgrade

The new composite material not only guarantees the hardness of steel, but also has a good corrosion resistance. However, this kind of material also has a disadvantage, that is, poor electrical conductivity. Therefore, when the manufacturer uses the new material, it generally depends on the specific part.

Three, investors should be reminded that the purchase of large amusement equipment or choose professional manufacturers, after-sales protection, so that you can also save time and effort.

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