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Trampoline Bungee

Capacity: 2/4/6 person
Power: 1.5/3/5.5 kw
Voltage: 220 v
Cover: 2*2 m, 8*8 m, 10*12 m


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The Trampoline Bungee can accommodate four people to play at the same time. After players get on one of the trampoline, they will be tied the safety belt by the staff, then be pulled into the air through the elastic string, which has shrunk due to the electrical machinery. Then, the players can freely roll in the sky and experience the exciting moment.

All of our products are made of superior rolled steels and advanced high-quality elastic nets produced by standard factories. Therefore, the equipment is durable and in low failure rate. Besides, the elaborate workmanship, fashionable design and the reliable quality always obtain good reputation at home and abroad. In addition, it can be disassembled and installed flexibly, and be transported and shored easily. The another advantage of this facility is its less limitation of the site. It can be ran in gardens, squares, plazas and other amusement places. In a word, the four-person Bungee is a worthy investment project with low risk and high profits.\

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For-profit Model

The money you can earn every day:

$5 per time per person, running 10 minutes each time. 6 players can play within an hour.

Everyday earn: $5/person*6person/h*8hs=$240/bungee

$240 * 4bungee=$960

You also do trampoline rental business.


Item name Trampoline bungee
Type Electric type
Cover area 2*2m, 8*8m, 10*12m
Height 7m
Capacity 2,4,6 person
Voltage 220V



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