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Trackless trains for Danish customers

On May 7th our customer visited our factory, then placed the order and paid the deposit very quickly. Because our customer plan to use the trackless train between two parks, and there is a tunnel between the them, Therefore, special customized services are proposed for the train’s height, turning radius, brake system, audio system and so on. Our worker designed the train as a flat top to cater to the height of the tunnel.

As for the special space of the client’s site, it only has a turning radius of 3.5m. Our train is four-wheel steering system, with the locomotive passing through and the carriage following the locomotive directly, so we can achieve the minimum turning radius of 3m. and Each carriage has two loud-speakers and rearview to make the train more beautiful and practical. And the color of the train is printed according to the customer’s color card. All in all, our customer is very satisfied with the beautiful trackless train, and this was a very pleasant trade cooperation, looking forward to our next cooperation.



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