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The importance of guardrail in various of amusement equipment

There are a variety of amusement facilities in the amusement park; each amusement park facilities should pay attention to the safety protection work when playing, so as to ensure the safety of visitors. However, in the safety and defense work, in addition to the daily maintenance work, the installation of the safety fence for amusement facilities is also very important.

We will find that a lot of amusement equipment is set up with guardrail, why? First of all, the important point of the guardrail is the isolation effect, in order to prevent the amusement equipment in the process of operation of tourists from the equipment too close to the danger of collision. Secondly, because the new children’s amusement equipment are more popular with children, but the children’s self-control is relatively low, their own safety awareness is not strong, so children’s amusement equipment to set up a fence.

Not only children’s amusement equipment needs guardrail, the installation of other amusement equipment guardrail is also very important.  The guardrail can not only play the role of isolation, but also guide the amusement to enter the playing field. Especially in some places with large flow of people, the setting of the guardrail shows its importance. It can effectively guide the tourists to enter the field according to the instructions, and avoid the injuries caused by crowding .The height of the guardrail of various amusement facilities is generally about 1.2 meters, which can effectively prevent the dangerous situation caused by climbing. The guardrail in the playground facilities is exposed all the year round, the wind, the sun and the rain, it is easy to be damaged, so the operator should check and maintain regularly, which to a large extent reduce and prevent the occurrence of safety risks, to ensure the safety of each tourist.



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