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The character of mini pirate ship

Mini pirate ship is a kind of kids swing amusement equipment, it is the mini type of large pirate ship, meanwhile, the appearance has been greatly improved, removing the real exciting style of a large pirate ship, and changing it to a cartoon style that is more suitable for young children.and in terms of hull craft, the hull made of pure steel has been transformed into a fiberglass hull.then what features does this kind of mini pirate ship have?

  1. Mini pirate ship can be placed indoors as well as outdoors, and it is easier to install than regular amusement equipment.
  2. Children riding on the pirate ship, with the slow to rapid swing, like surfing in the sea surface, sometimes on the topof the wave, sometimes fall into the bottom of the valley, so that the children feel very exciting and interesting, which make it very popular among kids.
  3. Considering the interests and psychology of children, the design of the pirate ship starts from the appearance of cartoon characters and colorful paintings, so that the children can enjoy themselves while fully stimulating their interest in childlike innocence.
  4. Since the main serviceof mini pirate ship target is children, the equipment pays more attention to safety in technical planning. When the motor stops driving after power failure, the hull of the pirate ship does not stop immediately, but the hull is in the swing stage due to inertia. All the detail design  is to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Mini pirate ship can be disassembled and moved at will in the indoor playground or on the square, which can better bring revenue to the operator.



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