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Spinning Teacups Park Ride

Capacity: 4 cup
Height: 3.5 m
Voltage: 380 v
Cover: 6 m


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The portable cup ride is a popular amusement ride, which is similar to classic coffee cup rides. It is easier to take apart and install with less limitation of site. It is suitable for using in parks, gardens and squares. The portable cup ride is comprised of four or six cups, one coffeepot and a folding turntable. After starting, passengers sitting in the cup will rotate following the turntable, meanwhile the cup will also revolve on its axis, which will make passengers have the dizzy feeling of weightlessness. Therefore, they will experience two different exciting feeling. And that makes passengers will be addicted to and want to experience again.

The portable cup ride can be designed according to clients’ demands, including appearance and size. It is made of superior glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is durable, solid, antiseptic. And they are painted through the dust-free spray technique, which makes the color brighter and more durable. All these techniques ensure products’ safety and an entertaining visual experience. Welcome to inquire.
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