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Spider Man Spinning Ride

Passenger: 12 seats
Power: 11 kw
Voltage: 380 V
Material: FRP+Steel

Email: info@jsparkequipment.com

Mobile: +86 15036116306

Tel: +86-371-6328 7382


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The spider man spinning ride is independently developed and produced by Zhengzhou Jinahan Amusement Equipment Machinery CO., LTD. And its motion is similar to the coffee cup ride. There are six or nine cups on the big turntable. And each cup’s shape is a huge gear. When the big turntable starts to rotate, cups will rotate following it and revolve on its axis. Then passengers sitting in the cup can experience the special motion, which is exciting and interesting.

Henan Dinis Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer independently developing, designing, producing and selling amusement rides for many years. We have numerous experienced producers and advanced equipment to ensure products’ quality, and all products are welcomed at home and abroad. Meanwhile, our exclusive services is another attraction, such as customize service and door-to-door installation. Welcome to inquire!

Technical parameters

Cup Seat Cover Height Voltage Power Speed
6 cups 24 seats 6m 3.5m 380V 3kw 1.2m/s
9 cups 36 seats 9m 3.5m 380V 7kw 1.2m/s
12 cups 48 seats 12m 3.5m 380V 11kw 1.2m/s


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