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Some Fire Protection Tips That Operators Must Keep In Mind

With the development of sustainable development of children’s experiential amusement rides, indoor playground are becoming more and more popular among parents and kids. Especially in the weekends and festivals, parents always choose to accompany their playing in the indoor playground, which cause there are always crowd. Therefore, operators must strictly obey the fire protection requirements, and the staff must get hold of the knowledge of fire prevention to guarantee children’s safety. There are some tips that every operator should master.

Understand the hidden danger of fire in you work place.

Understand the methods preventing fire.

Understand the measure of putting out a fire.

Understand the right way to escape and survive.

Be able to put out the initial fire.

Be able to organize evacuation escaping.

Be able to use the fire equipment.

Site selection should avoid high floors and underground. And it is better that there are more than two exits and one independent passageway.

There are some suggestions for operators to ensure safety.

First, the equipment should be made of non-toxic, environmental friendly and nonflammable materials. Breaking out of fire, plenty of toxic smog produced by flammable materials is the main reason causing suffocate. Thus, all amusement rides should be made of eligible materials.

Second, every park should have sufficient fire protection equipment, including the fire extinguisher, emergency lamps and evacuation indicator signs.

Third, safely use electric appliances. If there are smog or strange smell from machines, it is better to cut off the power source. Besides, the layout of circuit must obey standards.

Fourth, regularly learning and practicing the knowledge of fire fighting. Working out a suitable programme of emergency evacuation is also necessary to guarantee safety. In addition, the fire fighting access should always keep clear.



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