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Small Sightseeing train amusement ride can not ignore the key – battery

There are a lot of performance reference standards for trackless small trains. The main performance parameters of electric sightseeing small trains are: range, speed, body weight, number of batteries, climbing slope, rated seats, etc.

Among them, mileage refers to how many kilometers the trackless electric small train can travel after a single full charge. The more mileage it can travel, the better the performance of the vehicle will be.

As a core component in the trackless small train, the battery directly affects the performance of the whole electric sightseeing train. Its specifications and quantity also directly affect its driving range and quality. The number of batteries is also determined by the number of seats and the rated load of the vehicle.

For the customer to choose a reliable trackless small train manufacturers is also an important item in the purchase, at the same time, the purchase of sightseeing small train can not only focus on the price factor, we should also pay attention to other data, so that we can buy a cost-effective train ride.

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