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Rainbow Dry Snow Slope Slide

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Rainbow dry snow slide is a kind of very popular outdoor amusement sport, and this outdoor amusement sport is enjoyed not only by children but also by adults.Generally speaking,the artificial dry ski slope is built based on the mountain,and there are usually two or there slopes side by side, each ski slope have 3.5 meters or so, the longer is up to 100 to 150 meters, and even as long as 260 meters. From a distance,these ski slopes look like a few rainbow pour down , and it can very easily attract people’s vision.

The project includes straight slide, wave slide, bend slide, wave swing slide, fold slide and slopes with inflatable bag, bumpy slide and other types of play. The site area can be large or small, and there are different forms of play methods, we can also customize and design it according to the actual situation of the scenic spot.

The rainbow slope slide contains the main material rainbow dry snow slide block (or high-end dry snow blanket), the auxiliary material includes protection edge, expansion bolt, buffer lawn, anti-collision protection, etc. The supporting facilities include the ring conveyor, inflatable bag, maintenance machine, cleaning equipment, and the equipment includes the snow ring.

The supporting services of the project also include ticket, safety warning board, guide board, main visual design and installation, ticketing equipment and entry & exit ticket checking machine and other optional equipment. Supporting facilities of the project include ticket office, storage office and tourist rest area, etc., the specific situation depends on the operation mode.

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