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Portable flying car

Capacity: 4-6 person
Power: 4 kw
Voltage: 380 v
Cover: 6*4 m


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The portable flying car is a fascinating amusement ride suitable for children who are taller than 1.2M and adults. There are two lines of seats, accommodating four adults or six kids in total. There is a track for car to slide. The motion’s characteristic, the main reason why customers love it, is the circular motion combining with the motion of sliding along the track. Passengers can sit on the seat enjoying the swinging side to side. Besides, the exquisite appearance is another attraction. Professional producers can add colorful lights and audio equipment to increase the equipment’s attraction.

In addition, the portable flying car has less limitation of sites. It is suitable for many places, like amusement parks, gardens, squares and carnivals. Meanwhile, we provide customized services to design appearance, color and size according to clients’ demands. In a word, it is a good investment item. Welcome to inquire!
Product video:

Photo Detail

Portable flying car

Technical Parameters

Cover area Voltage Power Capacity
12*4 m 380 v 4 kw 4-6



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