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Portable car rides

Capacity: 24 person
Material: FRP+Steel
Voltage: 380 v
Cover: 8.5 m


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The portable car ride’s function is similar to the classic flying chair, but it is smaller and easier to move. Nowadays, the flying chair has already become the necessary equipment in every park. It looks like a huge umbrella with many beautiful and exquisite seats. Passengers sit in the chair hanging on the top turntable rising with turntable’s rotation. Sometimes, they may feel like flying in the sky, then they would feel swimming in the ocean. Due to the centrifugal effect, passengers also rotate around the center pillar, which is extremely exiting and joyful. For adults, it is a good way to release pressure and refresh mind. And for children, they can get close to the sky, and their imagination would be stimulated. Thus, it is suitable for all ages.

It is made of advanced glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is durable and solid. And they are painted through the dust-free spray technique, which makes the color brighter and more durable. All these techniques ensure products’ safety, and bring an entertaining visual experience. Thus, the portable car ride, which is independently produced by Henan Dinis Amusement Machinery CO., LTD, is always welcomed by clients at home and abroad. Welcome to inquire!

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Portable car rides


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