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Penguin roller coaster Park Ride

Type: Penguin Roller Coaster

Rail Size: 10*23m
Using Area: 12*25m
Highest Point: 2.17m
Driving Power: 9*3=27kw
Total Power: 30kw
Voltage: 380v

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Penguin roller coaster  is a track-type amusement equipment newly developed by Dinis Amusement according to market needs. This device has cute penguin shape and is suitable for indoor and outdoor playgrounds such as playgrounds, squares, parks, etc. It uses high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic materials. Made of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability and beautiful appearance, it is very popular among children and adults.

The penguin roller coaster  inherits all the advantages of the small train, while the shape is more vivid, more interesting, and more popular. The whole device is driven by two driving parts, traveling along two spiral tracks, sometimes spiraling upwards, and sometimes falling rapidly. It is both entertaining, interesting and irritating, suitable for both young and old. The ride brings a novel and happy feeling to the ride. The penguin roller coaster  uses mechanical power to transport the penguin roller coaster and the rear body of the penguin to a higher place. The kinetic energy or high potential generated by the altitude enables the locomotive to obtain continuous moving cars in the process of sliding, using the sliding process. The orbital transformation in the whole process makes the whole process thrilling and exciting.

Product video:


 Penguin roller coaster

Penguin roller coaster


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