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Pay attention to the maintenance of outdoor amusement equipment in flood season

Summer is coming, the strong convective weather such as strong rain and winds also increased, remind everybody here, it is important to note that good outdoor amusement equipment maintenance of protection, in general, the influence of the weather environment, especially on rainy days, the rain also can cause the damage of the equipment, then let’s go and see how should maintain outdoor amusement equipment.

  1. The long soaking time of rain may cause water corrosion of the equipment and lead to equipment rusting.
  2. If the motor of outdoor amusement equipment is wet by rain, it cannot use the motor, and the amusement equipment cannot start at the same time.
  3. There are a lot of lubricating oil on the bearing, which can make the equipment run smoothly, but if it is wet by rain, it will cause the failure of the lubricating oil.

If the amusement equipment is soaked by rain, the treatment is as follows

  1. If the equipment is soaked by rain, drain the water out of the equipment and dry it to avoid water erosion;
  2. Check all the spare parts in children’s amusement equipment to ensure the normal operation;
  3. Check all parts of the amusement equipment before the operation, especially the important parts such as the engine, so as to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
  4. In rainy days, we can put a raincoat on the equipment, cover it with a rainproof tarp, and put a protective umbrella on the equipment.


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