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Mobile Ground Grid Bumper Car

Speed: ≤12km/h
Power: 500 w
Voltage: 48 v
Running Time: no limited time


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Tel: +86-371-6328 7382


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The mobile ground grid bumper car is made of superior glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is durable, solid, antiseptic, sun-resistant and not distortion.  And it is painted through the dust-free spray technique, which makes the color brighter and more durable. All these techniques not only ensure products’ safety, but also bring a entertaining visual experience. Thus, it is a very popular amusement ride at home and abroad. It is independently produced by Zhengzhou Amusement Equipment Machinery CO., LTD according to clients’ demands. It is suitable for operators who do not need a settled place, because it is portable and convenient to move. The mobile ground grid bumper car should be used on the special field, providing a better effect of crashing. Passengers drive the bumper car to crash each other, which is totally exciting and relaxing.

The ground grid bumper car is easy to disassemble and install. And it has less limitation of sites, so it can be used in parks, gardens, kindergartens and other outdoor playgrounds. Due to its attractive functions, it always absorb a large quantity of customers, which means it can bring nice profits for operators. Welcome to inquire!

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Technical parameters

mobile ground grid bumper car parameters


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