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Maintenances And Announcements Of Giant Amusement Rides

Methods of maintaining giant amusement rides:

First, maintenances should be completed by professional workers in authorized institutions or factories that have enough experience of manufacturing.

Second, the maintenances of giant amusement rides should not be subcontracted to others.

Third, the people who maintain giant amusement rides and take charge of the amusement rides’ quality should have related certifications or have relevant training.

Fourth, in the process of maintaining, there should be more than two workers with sufficient safe guarantee.

Fifth, every giant amusement ride should not be used exceeding its service life period.

Nowadays, there are many giant amusement rides for customers to have fun in every park. As we all know, they are very exciting and thrilling. Thus, it is important for every customer to obey rules in the process of playing.

First, before riding, reading introductions is very important. These introductions will give some useful tips and put forward that if customers could play. For instance, people with heart disease or other diseases should not play the pirate ship, roller coasters and other exciting giant amusement rides.

Second, customers cannot stretch hands or other body parts out of the amusement ride. Loosing safety belt with allowance is absolutely forbidden.

Third, customers have to take off glasses, cameras, keys, phones and other personal belongings, when play rotating machines or rolling machines. The falling things may cause dangerous effects.

Fourth, obeying staff’s management and following orders is important to ensure safety. Don’t enter into the isolation areas without permission.

In order to have a joyful experience, it is significant to keep order and remember these tips.



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