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Let elephant train ride make money for you

When it comes to elephant trains, everyone is familiar with them.Elephant train is a classic amusement equipment, the elephant train ride is an improvement on the base of other cartoon train ride, and the shape of elephant train is becoming more and more realistic, rich and beautiful.

The body shell of elephant railway train adopts new modeling technology, and each car is elaborately carved and decorated with simulated ornaments, just like an art treasure.They are very popular with tourists, especially with children.and it can be used in parks, indoor and outdoor amusement parks and other places, and both track elephant train and trackless elephant train ride are available. the track is composed of channel steel tracks. The track model have many types for choosing, and can also be customized  according to your demand, and the electric box equipped with it will input the current to the track for the train to move.

Elephant train operation is simple, pure electric drive train wholesale orbit, driven by a mute 36 v dc motor, no pollution, no emissions, its appearance is designed according to the modelling of antique, it is very beautiful,  car body adopts excellent FRP refined but become, durable, can bring you good returns for a long time.

Dinis has many years of experience in the production of children’s amusement equipment. The amusement equipment produced is of excellent quality, affordable price and new style. Welcome to visit our factory and look forward to cooperating with you sincerely!



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