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Leswing Car For Sale

Power Type: Battery
Battery: 2*80 A
Age group: Kids &Adult
Ring diameter: 1.5 m


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The leswing car is an amusement ride favored by children in plazas and parks. It has newfangled appearance and comfortable seats. Besides, the easy operation is another attraction for customers. The intelligence joystick is easy to control and responsive while the equipment is going forward, retreating, spinning around and doing other motions. As soon as passenger put down the joystick, the leswing car would stop immediately. Besides, there are enough radars for anti-collision to ensure safety. Thus, even children can independently operate it and have fun due to the enough safety guarantee. In addition, colorful lights and audio equipment can be customized, which are effective to improve the attraction.

The leswing car uses bi-motor electronic controller, which supports the product operating longer than eight hours after a fully charging. And it can bear the weight of 200KG. This product has less limitation of sites, so it can be used in parks, gardens, kindergartens, plazas and other amusement places. Inquire now!
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Power type Battery Material Stainless steel mainly
Battery 2*80A Voltage 24v
Ring diameter 1.5m Speed Adjustable
Length 1.7m Package 1.55*1.5*1.75m
Seats 2 seats Weight 100KG
Operation Remote control Function time and music can adjustable
Age group Kids &Adult Advantage *More lights to attractive *More safety and stability



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