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Ladybug Paradise Kids Ride

Capacity: 4 cup
Power: 1.5 kw
Voltage: 220 v
Cover: 3.6 m


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The ladybug paradise ride is a rotating machine on the theme of ladybug. All gondolas seem like the lovely ladybug, surrounding a huge mushroom in the center. Passengers sit in the gondolas and rotate up and down. Combining the wonderful light and music favored by kids, passengers can focus on the game and forget worries.

The most attractive part of the ladybug paradise ride is its cute appearance and bright color, because most children love animals and are addicted to the bright-colored projects. All ladybug paradise rides are made of superior glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is durable, solid and antiseptic.

Henan Dinis Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer. We have numerous experienced producers and advanced equipment to ensure products’ quality, thus all products are welcomed at home and abroad. Meanwhile, our exclusive service is another attraction. Welcome to inquire!
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Technical Parameters

Cup Seat Cover Height Voltage Power Speed
4 cup 8 seat 3.6m 2m 220V 1.5kw 1m/s
6 cup 24 seat 6m 3.5m 380V 3kw 1.2m/s
9 cup 36 seat 9m 3.5m 380V 7kw 1.2m/s


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