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How to use lubricants for large amusement equipment?

For large amusement equipment is generally distributed in the outdoors, these amusement equipment will experience the wind and the sun, there will be some rust phenomenon if outside for a long time, in order to make the normal operation of amusement equipment, it needs to be appropriate to add lubricant.So where do lubricants need to be added to large amusement equipment?

Each business unit of the new amusement equipment like racing cars, bumper cars, bumper boats, tour cars, cruise boats and so on, these equipment need to use the same manufacturer with the same model of the product, the rest of the new amusement equipment regardless of size are typical equipment, so it is difficult to put each new amusement equipment lubrication points expressed in the form of chart, So we can only make general distinctions by category,The maintenance personnel of each machine need to find out the specific lubrication points to carry out the operation in detail by comparing the equipment they belong to. The distribution of lubrication points of amusement equipment is as follows:

First,The oil tank or reservoir of the internal combustion engine and air compressor.

Secondly, multiple types of reducer tank.

Third, the gear teeth of open gear transmission, chain teeth, pin teeth and wire rope.

Fourth, gear, sprocket, belt wheel, roller and walking wheel, side wheel, bottom wheel, guide wheel bearing seat.

In the future, when the use of large amusement equipment is stopped, it should be fully lubricated, so that it can be used smoothly and the safety of passengers is also guaranteed.



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