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how to save electricity In the process of using the sightseeing train

Nowadays, with the rise of amusement equipment sightseeing small train, more and more scenic spots and shopping malls use our sightseeing trackless small train, but the battery of the small train has an inevitable problem, that is, that is how to use a small train to slow down the speed of power consumption.

First of all, when starting the small train, avoid rapid acceleration start, the high voltage circuit of the current is very large, Acceleration often affects the life of the motor controller and the power battery, It will also reduce mileage.

The second, to maintain the sightseeing trackless train stable speed.Vehicles should maintain a steady speed as long as road and traffic conditions permit.when the vehicle starts, accelerate to a certain speed after the appropriate accelerator pedal to relax some, maintain the current speed can be run;In the process of driving to avoid sightseeing trackless train stop rapidly, when running should try to avoid sudden braking stop, because the sudden braking will not only accelerate the grinding of the brake lining, and emergency braking caused by the current feedback on the motor controller has an impact on the driving range and the life of the motor controller.

Finally, maintain the normal tire pressure of the scenic trackless train. Many trackless train operators charge the mall’s trackless trains at night. If you are yard operators, trackless small train charging is relatively simple, you can drive the car to the yard, but if you do not have yard, you had better set up a special shelter for the train, so as to make the charge more convenient.



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