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How to make amusement park more profit?

First, do the good job in the selection of amusement equipment.

The most important thing about an amusement park is the location, a good location means half success of the park.the best choice are some places with large population flow,such as scenic spot,large community,kindergarten, primary school nearby,square,park,pedestrian street, shopping mall and so on.

Secondly, good market activity should be paid attention.

Hold large-scale activity when meeting carnival festival,

Implement different discount policies, such as parent-child campaign, game competition,holiday offers,free trial and so on.on the one hand, it can build popularity,on the other one hand,it can attract new customers,which can stimulate consumption again and increase the income of the amusement park.the specific  methods are as following.

1.theme activity strategy.you can hold various fun and interesting kids games competition and parents-child campaign from time to time,so that we can attract parents and kids to build popularity.

2.Anniversary strategy.in each anniversary activity,large discount is available when applying a membership card.which can remain old customers and find new customers.

3. Toys sale strategy. You can create a sales area in vacant place. Put some fun and novel toys, kids can not only play in the amusement park,but also buy some toys to play at home.

4.free trial strategy.the amusement park can open one or two areas for free to play or a limit time for free during weekend or holiday. This can help kids experience different novel and fun amusement equipment,passenger will bear in mind constantly after free trial, then they will be your frequenter.




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