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How to do preliminary investigation in investment amusement equipment?

A lot of investors want to do amusement business, but they do not know the details about the business, in fact, you should do some survey before starting business. The following is based on years of experience in the children’s entertainment industry to give you some advice.Tell everyone how to do a good investment before the investigation, so as to reduce the investment risk to a low.

  1. Survey of store environment and customer flow

The quality of the environment has two meanings :- one meaning refers to the environmental conditions around the playground, and the other meaning refers to the prosperity of the location of the shop, so we should take into account the environment around the playground when selecting the site of the children’s playground.

It is also necessary to consider the bustling degree of this business, such as the location of the playground selected in a large shopping mall, so as to meet the shopping needs of parents, but also provide convenience for children to play.

Footfall surveys are surveys of the increasing number of customers in the shopping district, and are used as a reference for the turnover system of the new store, which is mainly targeted at expectant mothers and young parents.Survey customers who come in and out of the store on different days and at different times

Traffic situation, especially the need to pay attention to and holiday traffic situation


  1. Be prepared to invest

The factors that affect the business of the amusement park are many and varied, so each case needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.The quality of the business not only depends on the location of the store, but also has a close relationship with the business content, business mode, service and image of the store, so we are investing be sure to make adequate preparation before the investment, and consider as much as possible, try to reduce the risk to the lowest.


  1. Survey of customers’ consumption level


The evaluation of consumption level is a complex problem. Generally speaking, the evaluation of consumption level needs to be carried out from many aspects, such as housing, transportation and communication, clothing, family, entertainment, education and medical treatment.It is easy to open decoration shops and high-end fashion shops in the areas where the rich people focus.

All kinds of commercial villas or classy residential areas built around the city are the focus of the rich.In addition, we also need to look at the proportion of children in the population, the more children there are, the greater the potential audience for playgrounds.



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