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How to cool a controlled airplane in hot summer?

Summer heat tends to make people irritable, sweating makes the body always sticky.Then the automatic airplane, the amusement device that makes money for us every day, which also needs a “shower” in the hot summer.The cleaning of mechanical equipment certainly can not be like we usually wash clothes, the whole soak in the water.It requires a very special treatment to clean it, so let’s look at the cooling steps of a controlled aircraft.

  1. First, rinse with clean water to moisten the surface of the automatic control aircraft, and wipe and remove the dirt on the surface of the aircraft;

2, Then scrub with a special disinfectant to get rid of any infectious bacteria that might be present.

3, with clean water to scrub again, remove the disinfectant, with running water is appropriate, at the same time to give the plane a cool summer.



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