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How often should you check and repair children’s indoor playground equipment?

No matter what kind of amusement equipment, the regular maintenance and repair are very necessary,because the safety of passenger is super important,and clean and nice equipment can attract more kids to play and be your steady customers, so as to increase your income.then, how often should you check and repair your equipment, let discuss it together.

For the maintenance of mechanical amusement equipment, it should be inspected once a day before starting business, a perfect and detail inspection every week, including whether the equipment parts are loose, whether the equipment parts are strong and so on.For special equipment, in the maintenance, maintenance personnel must have two or even more personnel on the scene to cooperate with the operation, after the maintenance, the equipment should be run again before operation.

If it is an inflatable type of children’s amusement equipment, it is more convenient to check it. As long as there is no leakage, there will be no problem for normal operation, But this is also in the case of inflatable equipment in good condition.

Children’s inflatable is relatively safe,but in the case of strong winds, we should pay attention to close the doors and Windows, so as to avoid the rollover of the equipment due to the strong wind.

And for children train and other amusement equipment, which are  driven by the operator, so the operator should also check it to make sure whether it is normal, we must make sure the equipment is safe and normal before carrying passengers.



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