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How does amusement carousel update widgets?

Always check the tightness of bolts and screws and tighten them in time.

After using the equipment for a period of time, the equipment should be overhauled to ensure that the equipment can be in a good running state.

The fasteners of the whole machine should be checked frequently, find out the reason in time if it is loose, and maintain and tighten it in time to avoid accidents.

Regularly check the operation of mechanical transmission parts, pay close attention to the abnormal sound and heat in the operation process, find the fault and eliminate it in time.

Mechanical parts such as reducer, rotary support bearings, gear meshing parts should be lubricated with grease regularly.The equipment has been added with lubricating oil when leaving the factory, and it is generally not needed to be added in the initial operation. The rotary support gear is lubricated once a week according to the situation;The slewing bearing is lubricated once a month, and the lubricating oil in the reducer is cleaned and replaced once every six months.Note: The gear oil must be replaced once after the new equipment runs normally for two months.

The fuselage and FRP parts should always be kept clean. When there is dirt, it should be cleaned with soft cloth, wet cloth or a small amount of detergent. FRP parts can be rubbed with automobile polishing wax to maintain luster.




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