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From what aspect should appraise the quality of amusement equipment

The breed of amusement equipment is varied,  then from what aspect should we appraise the quality of amusement equipment?

First of all, appearance is very important, because only beautiful appearance can attract the attention of children for the first time, so the color of the appearance must be bright, the cartoon shape must be cute and attractive. Secondly, in terms of quality, the equipment must not present any sharp objects or iron objects that are harmful to children.

Then comes to the accessories, As we all know that different equipment accessories are not the same. A good equipment must own especially good accesories, If the manufacturer handles the details well, the quality of the whole equipment must be impeccable.

In addition, on the structure, the equipment is necessary to build with outstanding raw materials, PVC may be the national standard steel, it is necessary to fit the mechanical structure, to ensure that the equipment is strong and stable operation, therefore, the health and safety of children can be ensured.

Last but not least, Inspect the relevant certificate of manufacturer, if conclude this is a normative manufacturer, the credit standing is outstanding, sign a contract when purchasing equipment, then we can say the manufacturer is relatively trustworthy.



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