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Fire Ball ride Amusement Ride

Capacity: 12seats
Power: 10 kw
Voltage: 380 v
Material: FRP+Steel


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The fire ball ride is a newfangled and exciting big amusement ride. It is comprised of two iron hoops which are connected by steel chains, and the tension among them also lays a foundation of the equipment’s balance. Passengers sit on the seat moving with the iron hoops drove by the mechanical power. Then, they will experience the exciting feeling of rolling and rotating, and feel the sense of weightlessness while falling, which is a good way to release pressure. This equipment can be found in many places, like amusement parks and tourist attractions.

Henan Dinis Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer independently developing, designing, producing and selling amusement rides for many years. We have numerous experienced producers and advanced equipment to ensure products’ quality, and all products are welcomed at home and abroad. Meanwhile, our exclusive services is another attraction. Welcome to inquire!

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Technical Parameters

Capacity Power Height size Rotating speed Maximum speed Diameter Material
8 seats 8kw 7.5m 14.5*5.3m 7circles/min 14.8circles /min 7m FRP+Steel
12 seats 11kw 10.5m 15*8.5m 7circles/min 14.8circles /min 10m FRP+Steel



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