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Factors Influencing The Lifetime Of Amusement Rides

In the process of using Amusement facilities, they are under the pressure of stress and strain, so the structure and elements’ shape and size would change the ability of fatigue load whose main failure mode is fatigue rupture. The normal design of fatigue strength is: if the material does not exist original crack, after a stress cycle it would have crack due to the accumulation of fatigue damage. Because of the stress cycle, the crack will continually expand until become the brittle fracture in total cross-section. Before forming the crack, the number of stress cycles is called flawless lifetime. After the formation crack until the fatigue fracture, the number of stress cycle is called lifetime of crack growth. These two parts make up components’ total lifetime. Generally speaking, the structure lifetime of equipment is the basis of equipment’s natural lifetime. Every stress cycle will cause components’ damage, which will accumulate and occur fatigue fracture after reaching the critical value.

The second factor affecting equipment’s lifetime is abrasion, which will happen in the process of relative motion of subjects. Under the influence of friction, the friction surface will be constantly damaged, such as bearings and axes, the damage of wheel gear’s teeth, guide roller and guide rail. The friction destroys the coordinating size and strength among components. When the abrasion loss beyond the limitation, it will cause equipment’s breakdown.

Amusement facilities’ lifetime would be different due to different manufacturers. First-class factory uses good materials in the process of manufacture leading to the longer lifetime of equipment.



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