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Extreme Energy Storm Ride

Hight: 4.2 m
Power: 25 kw
Voltage: 380 v
Material: FRP+Steel


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The energy storm is a super exciting amusement ride drove by hydraulic pressure and electrical machinery. It seems like a huge monster with strong arms including three-arm type, four-arm type and five-arm type. This equipment is famous for its fascinating appearance, exquisite workmanship and bright color. Besides, the way of rotating is special and attractive, arms rolling in 360 degree while they rotating around the center pillar. Thus, passengers will experience the special effect caused by two different motions. Though this equipment is extremely exciting, there are double insurances, the safety bar and safety belt to guarantee passengers’ safety.

Henan Dinis Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer independently developing, designing, producing and selling amusement rides for many years. Our professional producers can customize equipment’s appearance, color and size to satisfy your demands. Welcome to inquire!
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Technical Parameters

 Type 91343-153
 Power 25Kw
Equipment height 4.2m
Operating height 1.9m
Speed 118m/min
Diameter 10 m
Equipment cockpit 12                  20
Equipment crew 24                  40
Area covered 12m
Use environmental conditions The wind speed is not more than 8 m/s, the ambient temperature is generally between 10~35 degrees C, relative humidity is not more than 85%



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