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Electricity usage of amusement equipment

Now most of the amusement park equipment are electric, such as the children’s favorite sightseeing train carousel, flying chair and so on, what should be paid attention to when using these electric amusement rides?

1, To ensure the safety of playground electricity, floor fan, hand drill and other mobile electric equipment must be installed to use leakage protection switch.And the leakage protection switch should be checked frequently, at least once a month.If found fuse or leakage protection switch trip, the first to find out the reason, after troubleshooting can be restored to power

2, do not use copper wire or iron wire to replace the fuse, please replace immediately when the air switch is damaged. And the size of the fuse and air switch must match the capacity of electricity, or it is very easy to cause electric shock or electrical fire.

  1. The metal shell of the electric equipment must be connected with the protection line reliably. Single-phase electricity should be connected with three-core cable, and three-phase electricity with four-core cable.Protection in the open air is reliably connected to the protection neutral or grounding device of the low voltage grid.Protection neutral lines must be repeatedly grounded.

4, the cable or wire of the gap or damage place must be wrapped with electrical tape, which can not be replaced by medical tape, and can not be wrapped with nylon paper either. Finally, do not use wires to plug directly into the socket.

  1. When the electric appliance is found to be emitting smoke, burning smell or fire after being powered on, the power should be cut off immediately and the fire should not be put out with water or foam extinguishers.
  2. 6. Do not touch lamp caps, switches, plugs and sockets and electrical appliances with wet hands.When the switch, socket or electric appliance is damaged or the shell is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time, and cannot be used without repair.

7, electric furnace, electric soldering iron and other heating appliances shall not be directly placed on the board or close to flammable items, The electric heating appliance without automatic control should be shut off after use to avoid fire.

  1. 8. Electric appliances for amusement equipment in the amusement park, such as floor fans, portable grinder, hand drill and other power tools, must be installed with leakage protection switch for single machine protection.

9,If someone is found to be electrocuted, do not use your hands to pull the electrocuted person, to cut off the power switch as soon as possible or pick off the wire with a dry stick, bamboo pole , and then use the correct artificial respiration method for on-site rescue immediately.



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