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Customized Train Rides

The second train which customized for USA client has been finished and tested on the road. Our colleague ride on it and have a happy travel before delivery. Now we are glad to introduce some details of the train:

Customized disabled cabins for Wheelchair passenger.

          Easy to operate, quick assemble and nice outlook, care special population.

         Double side entrance and exit and open cabin.

        Passengers can get on and off quickly from two side door. Open cabins bring better views for passenger Locomotive operation system.

        Automatic gearoperation: go forward, go back and stop, with Throttle and brake, turn signal,  double flashing lights, etc. same with the real car, easy to operate.

   Wide-angle rearview mirror with monitors, driver can know the train condition at any time, ensure safe driving.

    Station reporting system and megaphone device, we also installed loudspeaker in all cabins, then driver or guider can keep contact with all passenger or play music to create more fun in   journey.

   Wiper included, drive will have good view even if in rain days.

    We are professional manufacturer of train rides, provide customized service. No matter what idea you have, just tell us. We help you achieve it, just feel free to contact us.





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