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Coffee Cup Rides For Sale

Capacity: 6cup
Power: 3kw
Voltage: 380v
Cover: 6m


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Coffee cup ride is a new type of rotating amusement rides. The advanced rotating technology of coffee cup rides brings wonderful experience for passengers, thus it always favored by parents and children. The coffee cup ride is comprised of six or nine cups, one coffeepot and a turntable, and each cup can accommodate three or four passengers. After starting, passengers sitting in the cup rotate with the turntable, meanwhile the cup will also revolve on its axis, which will make passengers have the dizzy feeling of weightlessness. Therefore, they will experience two different exciting feeling. And that may make passengers be addicted to and want to experience again.

The coffee cup ride is made of superior glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is durable, solid, antiseptic. This product is suitable for running in children parks, gardens, plazas and other amusement places, because it does not need a fixed base and just occupies a small site. In a word, the coffee cup ride is a worthy investment item due to low cost and high profits.

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Coffee Cup Rides For Sale


Cup Seat Cover Height Voltage Power Speed
6 cups 24 seats 6m 3.5m 380V 3kw 1.2m/s
9 cups 36 seats 9m 3.5m 380V 7kw 1.2m/s
12 cups 48 seats 12m 3.5m 380V 11kw 1.2m/s


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