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Bungee Trampoline with Trailer

Type: 4 Persons bungee
Power:8 kw
Voltage:220 v
Material: FRQ+Steel


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Portable bungee is a popular amusement ride in recent years. It is just comprised of a trampoline, a set of elastic string and the lifting column, and help players to jump four meters in the air and finish various rolls.

This equipment is safe, steady and easy to disassemble and install. Thus, it can be used in numerous sites, such as plazas, gardens, squares, parks, resorts and tourist attractions.

Dinis amusement rides supplier only use natural rubber ropes, which are durable and have a long service life. The superior robber ropes with high-tensile strength are durable and strong enough to have a high load-bearing capacity. The pull rod on the Euro Bungee is reinforced, thus the trampoline is very steady. Professional design of the safe lock is another security assurance to reassure parents and let kids enjoy themselves.

In a word, the portable bungee is a worthy investment item with high profits and low risks.


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