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Bungee Trampoline for Sale

Capacity: 2/4/6 person
Power: 1.5/3/5.5 kw
Voltage: 220 v
Cover: 2*2 m, 8*8 m, 10*12 m


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The inflatable Bungee is made of PVC, which is an enclosed gasbag structure. It is soft and comfortable for kids to play. This product has inflation valve for ensuring safety, and it can be used several times after one air inflation. The inflatable Bungee also can be folded away after air exhaust. And it only needs a small place for storage. Besides, its appearance is smooth and easy to clean, which provides a reliable environment for kids to play and reassure parents.

Players can obtain the same exciting feeling as playing huge bungee jumping, and increase their courage. Thus, players at home and abroad are all fond of it. This product also has less limitation of the site. It can be used in gardens, squares, plazas and other amusement places. In addition, it can be folded and installed easily, which decline the cost of operators. All in all, it is a great amusement facility, which not only bring enjoyable experience for players but also bring considerable profits for investors.

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For-profit Model

The money you can earn every day:

$5 per time per person, running 10 minutes each time. 6 players can play within an hour.

Everyday earn: $5/person*6person/h*8hs=$240/bungee

$240 * 4bungee=$960

You also do trampoline rental business.


Item name Trampoline bungee
Type Electric type
Cover area 2*2m, 8*8m, 10*12m
Height 7m
Capacity 2,4,6 person
Voltage 220V



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