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Barbecue Donut Boat For Sale

Type: BBQ boat
Power: 650 w
Weight: 300 kg
Capacity: 6-8

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In order to meet the market demand, we Dinis developed and produced a new type of amusement equipment – barbecue boat.As a water fashion leisure product, this equipment completely in accordance with the standard requirements of the yacht, the use of materials and craftsmanship details are high quality and refined,and it is very welcomed among investors.

This equipment is made of high tenacity and high strength UV resistant polyethylene, which is very durable. The boat  diameter is 2.55m and the hull weight is  300 kg. It can accommodate 6-8 people to get together at the same time, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake, while enjoying the barbecue fun.

This luxury multi-purpose barbecue boat also allows anglers to grill and fish at the same time,because the electric propellers are eco-friendly and quiet and won’t scare away fish in the water, so it is very popular among customers, and it is definitely a very profitable amusement investment.

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