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Amusement Park Spin Pulley

Capacity: 20 people
Power: 15 kW
Voltage: 380V
Material: Fiberglass + Steel

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Mobile: +86 15036116306

Tel: +86-371-6328 7382


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Spin Pulley is a very exciting, interesting and decorative amusement equipment. It belongs to the rail equipment, in which each cabin moves along the track by inertia. Movement mode of the rotating pulley: after sliding, a single cabin rises to the highest point, it will perform free sliding by potential energy along the trend of the track.
Passengers sit in the cabin, sometimes they rush on a steep slope, and sometimes they move quickly forward, suddenly sharp bends, ups and downs appear. Passengers will experience excitement. In the cab, inlaid lanterns constantly flash like an alien UFO, which is very dynamic and spectacular. Passengers will experience thrills and great pleasure.
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Spin Pulley

Spin Pulley


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