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Amusement Park Space Roller

Type: Space roller
Power: 23 kw
Voltage: 380 v
Speed: 1-8rpm(Optional)


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The space roller is a new amusement ride, including circular motion and sliding along the track. The appearance is a giant colorful windmill with six big fan blades connecting a big arm. Each fan blade has several seats for passengers to have fun. The fan blades not only complete orbit motions, but also revolve on its axis. That will makes passengers experience the sense of weightlessness. Thus, it is one of the most favored amusement rides in the park.

The space rollers are made of superior glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is durable, solid, antiseptic, sun-resistant and. And they are painted through the dust-free spray technique, which makes the color brighter and more durable. All these techniques not only ensure products’ safety, but also bring an entertaining visual experience. In addition, professional producers can install colorful lights and audio equipment according to your requirements. Besides, the color and size also can be customized. Welcome to inquire!

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Technical Parameters

       Type       Material        Power      Voltage Area with fence Speed Operating height Capacity
Space roller FRP+steel 23kw 380v 17m*17m    1-8rpm     11m 24persons



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